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    Surface Performance Ltd have spent several years developing and testing the CHEMIKIL range of tennis court and swimming pool cleaning products. Our in depth laboratory studies and testing have resulted in us creating the UK’s most effective surface biocide and swimming pool treatments.

    Chemikil Tennis can be used to treat moss, algae and lichen on nearly every type of hard surface such as hard & synthetic tennis courts, driveways, patios and concrete pathways. The product is highly active and long lasting and results can be seen within 48 hours. The active ingredient in the product is dialkyldimenthyl chloride.

    Chemikil Swim is a revolutionary development designed to both clean and maintain a healthy and clean swimming pool. The product is incredibly easy to apply and is used by both private swimming pool owners and large facility operators.

    All of our products are delivered directly to you within two working days via our professional couriers.

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  • Chemikil

    The UK’s most effective surface biocides and swimming pool treatment chemicals.

    All Chemikil products have been extensively trialled and tested by Surface Performance Ltd.These in depth laboratory studies have resulted in us creating the most effective surface biocide and swimming pool chemicals available on The UK market.

    If you have a hard or synthetic tennis court with a moss problem or algae in your swimming pool then Chemikil can provide you with a cost effective and rapidly acting solution.

    All orders are delivered within 48 hours by our professional couriers.

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  • Chemikil can be used on nearly every type of surface, including artificial pitches, hard surface tennis courts, patio areas, headstones and concrete paths.

    • Highly Active and Long Lasting
    • Rapid Acting: You can see the results within 48 hours.
    • Can be used at any time of year to nearly every type of hard surface
    • Most powerful moss killer available to the UK market
    • Contains a high concentrate of dialkyldimethyl ammonium chloride
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