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Keep your surface looking like new, and performing safely all year round

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Chemikil has been specifically designed and tested for the treatment and prevention of moss,and algae growth on all types of hard surfaces. Once applied you will see results within 3-5 days leaving the surface free from contamination. Chemikil will keep your surface looking like new, and performing safely all year round.

Through applying Chemikil to your sports surface, you are eliminating the need to carry out pressure washing which can damage the structural integrity of the surface which in turn also encourages rapid moss and algae re-growth. Chemikil removes the requirement for pressure washing to better protect the surface and any paintwork whilst preventing any future algae growth. Chemikil can be used on any type of surface such as:

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Applying Chemikil

Chemikil has been designed so that it can be easily applied by anyone. You do not need to employ a professional contractor or gardener. By following these simple steps your sports surface will be free from moss and algae within 3 – 5 days after application.

Remove any loose debris from the surface which may prevent Chemikil from contacting the surface
Dilute solution at a rate of1 litre of Chemikil to 5 litres of water.
Apply evenly across the surface using a hand held or knapsack applicator.
Chemikil should be applied on a dry day with ground temperature above 5°C.
Leave surface for approx. 3 – 5 days, which is enough time for Chemikil to target moss and algae growth.
After 7 days, if necessary then use a hard bristle brush to remove all growth from the surface.


We recommend that the person applying Chemikil uses the following PPE Items: Eye protection, Long sleeves, Gloves, Long trousers.

Do not spray Chemikil on a windy day.
Do not use a treated surface for at least 24 hoours after applying Chemikil.
Remove footwear before entering your property.
Do not allow pets on to a treated surface for at least 48 hours.
Avoid contact with plants and pondlife.