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Get rid of stubborn weeds in your lawn, flower beds, tennis court surrounds using Chemikil Weed

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  • Kills the roots so that the weeds do not grow back
  • Systemic action
  • Non Glysophate formula
  • Fast acting

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Applying Chemikil

Chemikil has been designed so that it can be easily applied by anyone. You do not need to employ a professional contractor or gardener. By following these simple steps your sports surface will be free from moss and algae within 3 – 5 days after application.

Remove any loose debris from the surface which may prevent Chemikil from contacting the surface
Dilute solution at a rate of1 litre of Chemikil to 5 litres of water.
Apply evenly across the surface using a hand held or knapsack applicator.
Chemikil should be applied on a dry day with ground temperature above 5°C.
Leave surface for approx. 3 – 5 days, which is enough time for Chemikil to target moss and algae growth.
After 7 days, if necessary then use a hard bristle brush to remove all growth from the surface.


We recommend that the person applying Chemikil uses the following PPE Items: Eye protection, Long sleeves, Gloves, Long trousers.

Do not spray Chemikil on a windy day.
Do not use a treated surface for at least 24 hoours after applying Chemikil.
Remove footwear before entering your property.
Do not allow pets on to a treated surface for at least 48 hours.
Avoid contact with plants and pondlife.